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T & C Angel Enterprise Co., Ltd. (TCA) was founded in 1992, mainly manufactured telephone accessories and communication based in Taiwan. TCA started OEM for internet and telephone transforming products since 1995; indirectly offered products to several international companies. 1998 OEM ADSL Filters and developed networking accessories. TCA established USK (Shanghai) Packaging Co., Ltd. in 2005 to assist customers in buying, QC, packaging in China area; and support customers purchasing chain integration and visiting arrangement. YAK (Shenzhen) Electronic Co., Ltd. was formed in 2009 for OEM/ODM services. T & C Angel Group targets to meet customer's needs, establishing good relationship with consumers and reducing the buying loads around China and Taiwan for customers over the world. TCA also provides strong supports in engineering and manufacturing strategies; as long as you choose TCA, and believe we will be your best partner without doubts!

T & C Angel Group Co., Ltd. ~ British Virgin Islands
T & C Angel Enterprise Co., Ltd. ~ Taiwan, Taipei County, Sanchong City
USK (Shanghai) Packaging Co., Ltd. ~ China, Shanghai, Qing Pu District
YAK (Shenzhen) Electronic Co., Ltd. ~ China, Shenzhen Longhua